Community Policing Programs

The Ferndale Police Department has a responsibility to help deter crime through pro-active programs that emphasize education, prevention and cooperation.  Below you will find a list of programs and services we offer. Please click on the links to learn more.

Anti-Graffiti Bicycle Patrol Bicycle Safety
Block Watch Business Watch Hot Spot Program
Child Safety Emergency Vouchers House Checks
Lost & Found Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Lingual
Personal Safety School Resource Officer SCOPE
Whatcom Teen Court   Workplace Safety

Anti-Graffiti Program

Graffiti can cause real property damage, lower property values, and drive away customers.  Once a neighborhood no longer looks cared for, crime problems tend to increase and decay sets in.
The Ferndale Police Department uses community tips and information, along with police officer training and experience, to counter local graffiti problems.  We are also involved with a multi-agency graffiti program that allows different departments to share information and resources.

Bicycle Safety

The Ferndale Police Department offers a program designed to teach children and parents about bicycle safety.  Officers also give safety advice and put on programs at local functions and bicycle "rodeos."

Business Watch

This program provides community businesses with educational and current information regarding shoplifting, internal theft, burglary, robbery, and other aspects of crime prevention geared specifically toward businesses.

Bicycle Patrol

As part of our commitment to community policing, the Ferndale Police Department has established a bicycle patrol.  The program is designed to get officers out of their patrol cars and place them where they can make valuable contacts with Ferndale residents, as well as speedily and quietly patrol a particular area.  As officers on bikes are more accessible than those in cars, people feel more comfortable asking questions or just striking up conversations with the officers, and the officers listen to and attempt to address their concerns.  Officers share crime prevention tips and information on potential problems in the neighborhood, instruct the residents on how to go about reporting crimes, and try to encourage people to get involved with problem-solving in their own neighborhoods.
Because the bikes allow officers to patrol areas that are impossible to access by car, and because they are so quick and quiet, the bicycle patrol is also an effective tool in intervening in and preventing many street level crimes such as vehicle prowls and burglaries.  Stopping a crime in progress is always preferable to responding after one has already occurred.
Because all the bicycle patrol officers have a primary job within the department, the bike patrol is currently used on a part time basis which depends on staffing levels.  But, weather permitting, you may see the Ferndale Bicycle Patrol out at any time of the day or night.  Never hesitate to flag them down if you are in need of assistance, or just looking for a friendly chat.

Block Watch

The Block Watch Program opens the lines of communication between neighbors and the police, communication that includes tips, tools, and information. Focusing on positive interaction between police and citizens, this program gives the officers a sense of support from the community and lets the citizens see the human being inside the uniform. Block Watch enables residents to be the "eyes and ears" of the police department, plan coordinated actions, and draw from a number of resources in times of trouble.
The Block Watch Program provides information on how to improve the physical security of your home or apartment.  Email our Community Services Officer Bobbi Ferguson to arrange a free security survey of your home.
There is political and practical strength in speaking in a loud and unified voice, whether to the police department, the city, the legislators, or in "speaking" to the neighborhood and community. Working in numbers makes citizens stronger against crime and fear, and reduces the burden that any one citizen must carry for the group. Since fear can be paralyzing, reducing isolation is an extremely important element of Block Watch.
If you are interested in starting a Block Watch in your neighborhood, email Community Services Officer Bobbi Ferguson, or call her at 360-384-3390 extension 0.

Child Safety Program

Our officers are available to give personal safety presentations to both children and adults.  Topics can range from simply how to cross the street, to sex offenders, to safe use of the Internet.

Emergency Vouchers

Through the Salvation Army Emergency Assistance Program, we are able to provide short term financial assistance to Ferndale residents and travelers who have experienced an emergency and are in need of help.  Types of assistance include food, gas, bus fare, prescription/medical assistance for seniors, and in extreme emergencies, shelter for families.

Home Security Checks

Whether you are leaving home for a vacation, a hospital visit, or the winter, you can request that your residence be checked in your absence.  The SCOPE (Senior Citizens on Patrol Enhancement) Team will inspect your home and immediately contact the Police Department if anything criminal or suspicious is noted.  If you are interested in this free service, stop by the Police Department and complete the Home Security Check form, or click here to print one out on your computer.

Hot Spot Program

People who successfully commit a crime without getting caught will most likely continue in their criminal ways.  One of the most important actions you can take to prevent future crime is to report crimes when they occur.  Law enforcement needs to be aware of what offenses are taking place and where they're happening in order to prevent further problems.
The Hot Spot program is an easy way for anyone to pass along information to us.  You select your own level of privacy, from remaining anonymous to requesting contact from the Crime Prevention Officer.  If you choose to remain anonymous, we will only try to contact you if the situation is putting someone in immediate danger.  Otherwise, the information you pass on is kept confidential and is used only to heighten awareness of incidents or crimes occurring in or around Ferndale. Please note that making a Hot Spot report is NOT the same as making an official police report. If you are a crime victim and need a case number, please dial 911 and ask to have an officer contact you.
Hot Spot reports can be made in several ways:

Lost & Found Property

If you have lost or found an item in the city of Ferndale, report it to the police department. All property found, seized, or turned in to us is logged into our database, and we make every effort to return it to its rightful owner if we know who that owner is. So please report your lost items, they may just be sitting in our storage facility.

Multi-Jurisdictional Program

The Ferndale Police Department fosters good partnerships and takes advantage of shared resources by working cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies.  The Multi-Jurisdictional Program coordinates activities such as safety fairs, bicycle rodeos, and child fingerprinting days. Having multiple agencies involved with single activities provides better law enforcement access to community members, and also affirms law enforcement's commitment to working together to prevent and solve problems.

Multi-Lingual Program

The Ferndale Police Department established the Multi-Lingual Program to ensure that the non-English speaking members of our community are able to access and understand emergency and law enforcement services. Through partnerships with various community and cultural groups, we are able to solicit advice for improving our interactions with other cultures and help develop solutions to multi-lingual issues.

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer is assigned full time to the Ferndale School District. The SRO provides a liaison between the students, teachers, administration, and the criminal justice system, and also provides educational topics to high school and middle school students.
Our SRO for 2016-2017 is Officer Steve Gamage. He can be reached by email, by phone in his school office at 360-383-9260, or by voice mail at the Police Department at 360-384-3390 extension 5720.


Senior Citizens on Patrol Enhancement - SCOPE - is a group of trained and dedicated volunteers who work with the police department in a variety of ways.  The SCOPE officers monitor motorists' speed through the use of the radar display board, which reflects the speed of a vehicle as it passes the radar unit.  They patrol all the disabled parking spaces in town and issue tickets when needed.  The SCOPE officers also perform home security checks, and help out with traffic control during Pioneer Days and other functions.
If you are interested in becoming a SCOPE volunteer, please contact Lieutenant Matt Huffman by email or by phone at 360-384-3390 extension 5724.

Personal Safety

Ferndale officers are available to give presentations on personal safety to all age groups.  Topics can range from simply crossing the street, to sex offenders, to Internet safety.
Email Community Services Officer Bobbi Ferguson or phone her at 360-384-3390 extension 0 if you would like to arrange a presentation to your group.

Whatcom County Teen Court

The Ferndale Police Department is one of several local groups involved in the Whatcom County Teen Court.  Teen Court hears cases involving youth ages 13-18 who have committed a minor offense (not involving weapons, gang activity, or domestic violence) and are referred to the Diversion Program for a second time.  Teen Court provides peer juries and court personnel, with volunteer attorneys acting as mentors, trainers,  and "judge."
Youth who are at risk for further offenses are exposed to positive peer role models and encouraged to adopt similar behavior.  The valuable skills and support gained give these youth an opportunity to make positive contributions to their community.

Workplace Safety

Violence in the workplace, from threats to verbal abuse, intimidation, assault, or sexual or racial harassment, may be carried out by customers, colleagues, or suppliers.  Our Workplace Safety Presentation will teach you the skills and strategies to deal with difficult situations, and to protect yourself from abuse and violence in the workplace.  Email Community Services Officer Bobbi Ferguson to schedule a presentation, or phone her at 360-384-3390 extension 0.