Items of Interest

Another phone scam hits Ferndale

Beware the needy relative scam! There are many variations of this phone scam, but one that recently hit Ferndale came to a local senior from a blocked number and the caller pretended to be the granddaughter of the intended victim. The "grandchild" claimed to be in jail in Niagara Falls needing bail money wired to her. Luckily our resident was too savvy to be conned and did not get taken in by this scam. For more information on phone scams and how to protect yourself from them, see the Attorney General's website.


New Auction Site!

We have a new auction site!  We recently contracted with GovDeals to sell our unclaimed property on their online auction site. We will be sending them a wide variety of property on an on-going basis, so please check our property page often for information on the next auction.

Scam Alert

The Ferndale Police Department has become aware of a scam involving pre-paid debit cards. The basic of the scam is that the suspect is purchasing items with a pre-paid debit card. When the clerk runs the card through the machine, the card does not work. The suspect then asks the clerk to type in the numbers, which the machine then accepts. Our advice to the merchants is to not type in the number, but to call the bank listed on the card to verify the account. In addition, if the card has a name associated to it, the recommendation is to verify identification. At this point in time, the Ferndale Police has only received one report of this occurring within the city of Ferndale, but we are under the impression that this scam has been used in other jurisdictions throughout Whatcom County.


Voucher Program

Thanks to the Salvation Army Emergency Assistance Program, the Ferndale Police Department is able to provide short term financial help to Ferndale residents and travelers who have experienced an emergency and are in need of financial aid. Types of assistance include food, gas, home heating fuels, and in extreme emergencies, shelter for families with children. Please call or stop in for further information.