Mobile Command and Communications Vehicle

Ambulance when purchasedIn 2006 the City of Ferndale Interior of Command Vehiclepurchased a former medical unit for conversion to a mobile command and communications vehicle. The vehicle, which was built in 1999 by Wheeled Coach Industries of Winter Park, Florida, on a Ford E-350 chassis, was refitted using federal grant funds from the Department of Homeland Security and through the very generous efforts of three dedicated individuals: Michael Chaplin, Communications Officer (volunteer) of the Ferndale Police Department, who provided the interior refitting, communications design and expertise and electrical installation; local residents Steve Liebrant who provided the interior metal design and fabrication, and Frank Rempel who provided the upholstery.

This vehicle is now one of the most Command Vehiclesophisticated communications platforms in the county and will provide for the continuation of public safety services to the citizens of Ferndale during a disaster should emergency communication channels and telephone service be interrupted.
Mike Chaplin with Command & Communications vehicle