Ferndale's Retired Police Chiefs

In December, 2005, then Chief Knapp gathered together Ferndale's retired police chiefs to recognize the contributions made by each of them to our Department and the City of Ferndale. We enjoyed hearing their stories of "the good old days," and will be sharing some of them and related memorabilia in the 2007 Centennial Celebrations. Chief Knapp presented the men with jackets and caps acknowledging their status as Chief of Police, Retired.

These gentlemen are Keith R. Nelson, who served as Town Marshal and Police Chief from 1952 to 1970; Lorne Jensen, who served under Chief Nelson as an officer from 1954 to 1957 and 1967 to 1970, when he became Chief until 1975 (and was also Fire Chief from 1969 to 1975); and Roger Hintgen, who, after nine years with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office, served as our Chief from 1977 until his retirement in 1990.

Sadly, Chief Nelson passed away May 19, 2006. We're so glad we were able to show him a little appreciation for his many years of service.

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(left to right) Chiefs Knapp, Hintgen, Jensen and Nelson Chiefs Hintgen, Jensen and Nelson Chief Knapp with Chief Nelson
Chief Lorne Jensen in his new jacket Chief Keith Nelson in his new jacket Chief Hintgen took off for Arizona before we could get a shot of him in his jacket, so here he is anyway!  Lookin' good, Roger!