The A B C D Program

Thefts and vandalism are becoming common problems in our city.  The Ferndale Police Department is doing all that it can to keep up with these increasing crimes, but the officers can only be in so many places at any one time.  This is where you, Ferndale resident, can become an important part of stopping problems in our community.

Say NO to neighborhood nuisances and crime.  Start an "A B C D Program" in your neighborhood!

What is an ‘A B C D’ program? 

A - Appearance

One good way to say NO to unwanted guests is to keep a clean and tidy appearance in the neighborhood.  Untended yards, newspapers in the driveway, garbage cans left out on the road, broken windows and darkened houses create a shabbiness that invites trouble.

B - Block Watch

Block Watch is more than people patrolling the neighborhood during the evenings.  An effective Block Watch depends on every resident in the neighborhood being vigilant, watching out for suspicious people, vehicles, or activities day and night; getting to know your neighbors and keeping watch on their property when they're away, and calling 911 if anything seems out of the ordinary.

C - Community

Good communication between neighbors creates a strong sense of community and safer neighborhoods.  A few activities that can help create that communication are neighborhood picnics or parties; a neighborhood newsletter; developing a Welcome Wagon; creating and sharing a neighborhood map with house numbers, names, phone numbers and other important information; and selecting a reliable individual to be the neighborhood's contact person at the Ferndale Police Department's Emergency Operations Center.

D - Disaster Preparedness

Although serious disasters cannot be predicted, they can be prepared for.  As part of the overall community disaster plan, each family and neighborhood should have a plan, too, and should be prepared to be self-sustaining for at least three days.  Should a disaster strike the area, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will relay emergency information to a predetermined contact person in each neighborhood, and that person will disseminate the information throughout their neighborhood. 

For further information on this program, or to start one in your neighborhood, call Community Services Officer Bobbi Ferguson at 360-384-3390 extension 5753.